Nicolas Tavitian is a French freelance illustrator based in Paris.

He is a contributor to many magazines such as Esquire, WAD, Glamour, Qvest, Agenda, ELLE uk, Madame Figaro, Vanidad, Doing Bird, Rellik and Harper's Bazaar. He has also worked on products for Moschino, Linda Farrow, L'Oréal, Diesel parfums and M.A.C cosmetics.

After studying literature and art, Nicolas Tavitian started out as a graphic designer before creating a growing number of illustrations. His collaboration as a visual designer for French brand agnes b. triggered his first illustrations for fashion magazines and led many others, notably with ELLE uk and French Glamour.

His harmonious images show women mooving in a sensuous and glamourous way. His work mostly focuses on portraits, but not only, as imagination and elegance rule his style.
Nicolas Tavitian often says he has always drawn a lot : « Each period of my life, good or bad, corresponds with a drawing. From my childhood up until now. »
When asked the question « What inspires you ? » he answers : « I think anything can be inspiring if you find the right angle. »